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Tried to pick up my final project portfolio that I had turned in for my literature class last semester....  only to find the arts & humanities office locked up--at 3 in the afternoon.  Really?  You get to go home that early?  I mean, the college is already closed on Fridays for the summer anyway.  So I go down to academic services and complain--because I'd done everything they asked me:  emailed my professor (who replied saying he would stop by the office and drop it off *today*) and show up on the appointed day within regular business hours.  And this is *after* a week and a half ago when I first tried to get my portfolio back---the same portfolio that my prof was supposed to have dropped off to the office at the end of last semester, which was several weeks ago. 

Had to complain a bit, but finally they had someone open the office--whole process took only a few minutes:  open door, go to shelf, retrieve binder in plain sight, leave.  Seriously--what was so difficult about that?  You couldn't have done that last week?  Or, better yet--had them open up my prof's office and just get it from there?  But no, apparently arts & humanities can't get into their prof's offices unless the prof says so....

It's *my* intellectual property *and* I showed up to pick it up exactly when I told my prof I would.  Said professor is on sabbatical for six months now.....the people that work in the arts & humanities office could have saved themselves a lot of trouble if they'd just opened his office and gotten it for me in the first place.  I really don't understand why this was so difficult....

To top it off, on the way home a car decided to ride my bumper down the highway.  I would have understood if I had been going slow or something, but I was already speeding myself, so you can wait until I pass the guy I'm obviously going to pass, right?

Everything was explained when, as he passed me, I saw he was from New York....figures.

I also fell asleep last night just before Matt got home, and since he has to go into work two hours early on wed and thurs now, I got to spend ten minutes with him today.  :(

On the other hand, we're under the 30 day mark for when he comes to visit--so that's a good thing :)


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