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And in typical style, it's been quite the break.  While it's been quite the break from journaling, things have continued to happen--though more good things now than bad, which is a nice change!

So, to catch up on current events, here's the short version:  I'm now divorced, moved from Oklahoma to Illinois (back to my family), my ex has remarried (a month after our divorce was finalized-go figure), I've completed one semester of college since being here and will have my associates after I finish the two classes I'm currently enrolled in for the summer (yay!), and I'm in a great relationship with a wonderful guy named Matt :)

Should probably add in that I got to spend this past weekend with my kids and we had a great time going to the Farmersville Irish Days Festival.  As they spend the summer with their dad, this was a great time for us--was great to see them.  I miss them lots.... but at least I still have George to come home to and cuddle with (George being the cat).  I'll have to post some pics of George later :)

I've also decided to join the SCA.  I have some friends that belong, and they love it--have told me lots about it.  And really, what's not to love?  Medieval fairs, recreating history, dressing up in period costumes..... sounds perfect!  First event I'm going to attend is this coming weekend-- the Olde English Faire.  I'll be sure to post a review and some pictures!  Going to try to get my sister and one of  my nieces to come along too.  Will have to see if that works out though!

Besides that, I miss my friends in Oklahoma dearly...  It's just not the same without them.  Made a run down there on Memorial Day and managed to drop in at their cook out for a few hours.  Wasn't nearly enough time... 


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