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Was able to get out and play some Magic last night!  Was good to get out of the house for a bit and see people that I normally don't get to.  Thankfully Anthony agreed to watch the kids for me so I could go.  Mason went up to Little Shoppe with me-there were very few people there-I'm blaming the fact that it's now spring break.  Actually, it was a nice change that it was such a small group-would be nice to play like that again sometime.  I also got some new cards, so looking forward to seeing what I can do with them.  Hopefully more than I did last night.  It was not good-I lost... :(  Oh well, better luck next time I guess!

Went with Thad, Tara, and Anthony to see Alice in Wonderland today.  It was really good!  Saw it in 3-D IMAX too.  :)  Definitely something to buy when it comes out on video.  Loved what they did with the Cheshire Cat, but then, he always was my favorite character...I'm thinking about reading the book again, as it's been quite awhile.  I think I have an annotated version around here somewhere...

Overall it was an excellent day.  Had to deal with Kevin a bit on the phone, but that's to be expected-and it wasn't too bad.  *shrugs*  Definitely nothing to ruin it though, which is a good thing!

Quote of the Post:  The whole life of man is but a point in time; let us enjoy it.


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