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Managed to get out a bit this weekend, so here's the update!

Went to Little Shoppe of Games Friday night with Anthony and Mason, only to find out when we arrived that our usual group of friends weren't there.  Texted them, only to find out that they were in Texas for Comicpalooza.  Of course I remembered then, that they have been planning on going to this for awhile now.  Haven't heard from them yet, so I don't know how it went, but I hope they had a good time-even though we missed playing magic with them up here. 

Ended up playing a new board game called Nuns on the Run though, which was interesting.  Each player is a nun trying to sneak around the abbey at night to get a secret item, but has to not get caught by the nuns in charge.  Was a bit rocky, as none of us had ever played it before, but was fun.  I did end up getting caught...and I was so close too!  Better luck next time though!  After that was done, Lane (the owner) introduced us to a card game called 'Little Shoppe Mau'.  Now I have heard about this game before from another friend we play magic with, but still wasn't prepared at all-and with good reason!  The first rule of Mau:  you can't talk about Mau.  The second rule of Mau:  you can't talk about the rules to Mau.  The third rule of Mau:  it's not about winning, it's about learning the rules.  All I have to say, is that it's lots of fun, and I can't wait to play again!  I'd say more, but I can't talk about it, remember?  Hopefully my small mention of it here will never be noticed by the others.....  >.>

The kids spent the night at Rae's house, which was really nice, as I didn't get home until some time early morning.  Got some sleep though, as Saturday was the Medieval Fair in Norman.  I've never been to a Medieval Fair before, so I was really looking forward to it.  Went with Anthony, Thad and Tara-and ran into Robert and Angela down there as well.  With things how they ended concerning the convention stuff though, we kind of avoided talking to them....  The weather wasn't cooperating, because while it was sunny, turning to overcast on the way down there, it was cloudy looking like rain by the time we left-and we left at 11:30 a.m.  I must say though, lots of neat things to see, and even more stuff to buy if I'd had the money.  Oh well, there's always next year.  Though I must say, it would be a lot more fun if I'd been able to dress up.  Definitely a project for me to work on-a renaissance style dress.  So much work goes into those though...good thing I have plenty of time!

D&D was cancelled for Saturday night, so all I had left on the schedule for Saturday was Nicole's soccer game....  Did I mention it was cold, windy, and looking like rain that day??  Definitely not fun to play soccer in-or watch it for that matter.  Nicole's uniform for this season is blue, which works for me, as it's my favorite color-too bad it's not Nicole's!  They hadn't picked out a name yet, one of the girls had come up with the 'Blueberries' which isn't bad for 5 year-olds, but I thought being the 'Butterflies' would be a lot cooler, and the girls seemed to think so too.  So the 'Blue Butterflies' it is!  Go me :)  Practices are on Thursdays which works out well for me.  I'm hoping Nicole really gets into it though, she wasn't playing too well this first game, but then, she wasn't on her meds either and maybe that is part of the difference.  We'll see.  

My allergies have been bothering me all weekend, which hasn't been fun.  I need to pick up some Sudafed or the coming weeks are going to be a bit difficult for me.  Spending a quiet day at home today-just relaxing.  I have some plans to watch some tv in a bit, but otherwise, it's been a nice, lazy afternoon.  And that's just about perfect. :)

Quote of the Post:  We do not stop playing because we grow old.  We grow old because we stop playing.  -Anonymous     

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